Australia Awards REAP Video - Developing Instructional Materials - Jennie S. Trumpeta

Ms Trumpeta's REAP led to the creation of a departmental-wide exam in Algebra in her school. She did in collaboration with various stakeholders. Aside from this REAP, she and her co-teachers also came up with an instructional material called "Worktext in College Algebra" which now being used in all classes of Algebra in her school.

Striving for academic excellence

By Jennie Trumpeta, Professor at Holy Cross of Davao College (HCDC)

I have been teaching for the past 21 years and continue to find fulfillment in this career. Presently, I am taking up PhD in Educational Management but have already earned a Masters of Science in Teaching Mathematics from Ateneo de Davao University and Master of Educational Studies with specialization on research at the University of Newcastle, New South Wales.

Holy Cross chose two professors from the Math and English departments to study in Australia from January to December 2010. Our scholarship was different because it was a twinning program of the University of Newcastle (UON) and the University of Mindanao (UM). I was one of 12 students under the partnership and we were the first batch who had to finish a thesis each unlike previous scholars who only did course work.

I found Australia’s educational system very challenging because classes meet only once a week. There was no teacher to remind you to do your homework. You have to do them on your own and it’s your responsibility for getting in your assessments on time. How well you do will depend on the efforts you put in.

Unlike other scholars who returned to their organizations to do their Re-Entry Action Plans (REAPs), those of us under the twinning program did our thesis proposals in Australia but had to do the actual work upon our return to the Philippines.

I had six months to gather my data before doing the analysis under the guidance of our advisers from UM and UON. My thesis was about the Effects of Manipulatives on Students’ Performance in Problem Solving: Basis for Curriculum Enhancement. My students were my respondents.

It took me months of consultations with my advisers before I was able to submit the final draft of my thesis on June 2012. I received my grades in 2013 after my work has been peer reviewed by other universities in Australia aside from UON.

While doing my thesis, I also started on my REAP to hit two birds with one stone. I created a departmental exam in Algebra, which our school actually needed. My co-teachers in the Math department helped me formulate questions.

We did the pre-testing on students in June 2011 and did item analysis to validate the reliability of the test before we could create the questionnaire. By the end of the first semester, we had the freshmen college students take the departmental exam as their final test. To date, we are still using this exam although we revise questions periodically.

Aside from this, I also came up with an instructional material as another REAP output. We conducted a seminar first for teachers on module writing or making a workbook textbook before starting on making a book.

We started module writing in the summer of 2013. The book, Worktext in College Algebra, came out in May 2014. I was the lead author but there were five of us who collaborated. I also facilitated a remedial program in Math and did another research paper on the performance of students in remedial program.

At the moment, the book is exclusively used in Holy Cross. This answered our school’s need for an Algebra book that doesn’t need to be changed year after year. Although we still need to evaluate the book this semester, the publishing company has already offered we publish the work for national distribution.

My REAP’s outputs and gains gave me professional growth. If the book will be published, it will not only be Holy Cross students who will benefit from it but schools from all over the Philippines.

So, aim high and don’t lose hope. Have patience and trust in the Lord’s guidance. Those, and the love of my family, have sustained me through everything. Remember, we can accomplish what we set out to do when we strive hard for academic excellence.

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