• REAP and REAP Progress 2018

  • Dear Awardees,

    Greetings of a prosperous new year to you and your family.

    The Australia Awards Scholarships Philippine Program is updating its database and we request your participation in a quick survey on the implementation status of your Re-Entry Action Plan (REAP) to date. We are certain that a lot of developments have taken place since your last reporting (or communications with us) hence we also would like to chronicle other than the REAP any change in your profile (new contact details-email, phone numbers, new positions or office, addresses, if any, etc.).

    The objectives of this survey are:

    • To capture significant outcomes of innovation and opportunities from the scholarship program investments in the Philippines;
    • Translate the outcomes into possible KM products for reporting to the Philippine and Australian Government;
    • Update the REAP status folder and awardee profile within the Australia Awards records

    Your completion of the survey on or before 15 January 2018 will be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance for your cooperation on this undertaking.


    • General Information
    • Title
      Mr Ms Mrs Dr Atty Engr Director Other option
    • Last Name *
      e.g., Gomez
    • First Name *
      e.g., Lucia
    • Email *
    • Mobile
    • Which Australian university did you graduate?
    • Course
    • What degree did you earn in Australia?
      Graduate Certificate Graduate Diploma Masters PhD
    • Year Graduated
    • Name of current organisation
    • What TYPE of organisation is it?
      Government / Public NGO / Civil Society Private
    • Sector
      Private Public
    • What is its nature of operation of the organisation? (Please select one that is most appropriate)
      Agriculture and Rural Systems Development Work Education Engineering (engineering mgt, civil, transport) Entrepreneurship Environment (DRR, CCA, Environmental Mgt) Governance Gender and Development Health HR and OD Information System or Technology International Studies Law Mining and Mining-related Peace and Development Project Management Public Administration or Policy Social Work Tourism Trade, Economics, Business, and Finance Urban and Regional Planning Other option
    • What is your current position LEVEL?
      Executive Managerial Supervisory Technical / Consultant Administrative Faculty / Instructor / Teacher Not applicable (not an employee) Other option
    • What is your current position title?
      e,g, Administrative Office, Director
    • Regarding your REAP
    • What is your REAP title?
    • What is the focus of your REAP?
      Formulation of Policy Planning (strategic, operations, business) HRMD Systems Competency-Building Systems or Process Enhancement / Development Development of IEC / Advocacy Materials Curriculum and Learning Materials Development, Educational Assessment / Measurement Classroom Management Enterprise development and Management Information Technology Other option
    • What is your REAP Status?
      Completed On-going Not Implemented / Discontinued Other option
    • For Completed REAPs, please identify status
      Completed A Completed B Completed C Completed D
    • For Ongoing REAPs, please identify percent of completion:
      76 to 99 percent 51 to 75 percent 26 to 51 percent 1 to 50 percent
    • Notes / Comments
    • Should be Empty:
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