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Australia’s global alumni are highly talented, globally mobile and empowered by a world-class Australian education. They are current and future leaders, they are influencers and change-makers. Individually and collectively, Australia Global Alumni are helping to shape the world around them.


Australia Global Alumni in the Philippines

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Australia’s global alumni community in the Philippines include all Filipinos who completed and/or graduated from recognised Australian educational institutions or Registered Training Organisations (RTOs), including participants in trainings and short-term courses. This includes those that have been awarded scholarships under the Australia Awards, Colombo Plan, Endeavour Awards, Australian Leadership Awards or other Australian Government scholarships. It also includes individuals who have supported their own study in Australia or those who were sponsored by institutions or organisations other than the Australian Government.

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News and Updates


Australia Alumni community in Indo-Pacific Region gathers at a virtual conference to discuss inclusive recovery from COVID-19

Over 400 alumni from 18 countries across the Indo-Pacific Region recently gathered virtually at the 2021 Regional Gender Equality Disability and Social Inclusion (GEDSI) Leadership Summit. The Summit provided an opportunity for 3 half-days of networking, knowledge-sharing, and collaboration among the alumni, particularly in addressing key GEDSI issues that were highlighted by the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. With the theme Breaking Barriers: Working Together Towards Inclusive Recovery, the Summit focused on a socially inclusive recovery from COVID-19.


Call for Proposals: Application for the 2021 Australian Alumni COVID-19 Response Grants Scheme is now open

Do you have an idea that can change the lives of our kababayans during the COVID-19 crisis? Apply for the 2021 Australian Alumni COVID-19 Response Grants Scheme and get the chance to receive funding to turn your idea into reality.

The 2021 Australian Alumni Covid-19 Response Grants Scheme is designed to help respond to the emerging challenges brought about by the COVID-19 crisis. It allows alumni to collaborate with peers or other individuals and organisations to undertake research and development projects that build resilience and recovery efforts in communities impacted by the pandemic.

Applications are open until 12 November 2021. Read here to know more about the program.

Story Bites

Communicating Climate Data to the Grassroots

Australia Awards scholar Jorybell Masallo helps farmers weather climate change.

Australia Awards Alumna Sabrina Ongkiko named as one of Metrobank Foundation’s 2021 Ten Outstanding Filipinos

Sabrina Ongkiko, better known as Teacher Sabs, is a public school teacher at Culiat Elementary School where she led the school’s learning continuity program during the pandemic by piloting Facebook messenger classes and strengthening learner mapping and community support, among others. She was recognised by the Metrobank Foundation for her initiatives and learning continuity plan in the field of STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) during the ongoing pandemic.

Alumni Entrepreneurs Export Filipino Artisan Products to Australia

From our well-loved cacao and durian to hand-crafted leather pieces, here are some Philippine products that have hit the shelves of Australia.

Cacao and Durian

Rosario’s Delicacies | Mary Grace Belviz, Australia Awards Women Trading
Globally Program, 2019

Leather Bags

The Leather Studio Manila | Michelle Manalo, Master in Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations, University of Sydney, Australia Awards Scholarship 2012

Up Close and Personal

Meet Teacher Archie

One of the important lessons that I have learned from my Australian education is being client and family-centered. Professionals shouldn't impose on their clients, their families. Rather, they should be there to help the families have a sharper appreciation of their life vision.

Australia Global Alumni Abelardo Apollo David, Jr or Teacher Archie has dedicated his life to empowering special needs children. He established the Independent Living Learning Centre (ILLC Philippines), which has become the biggest special education school in the Philippines – with his life savings. He also co-founded a foundation, which provides youth with special needs much-needed medical, educational, and vocational interventions for free.

For his dedication and commitment to promoting a more inclusive society for those with special needs, Teacher Archie was given a Special Citation during the 2019 Australian Alumni Excellence Awards. Be inspired by his story.

Living and studying in Australia has helped me become a better social worker.

Kritizia Santos is an Australia Awards alumna with a clear vision of pursuing her goals. Through her Australian education, she was able to fulfill her passion of inspiring positive change in the field of volunteerism and social work.

Kritzia completed her Master of Social Work from the University of Melbourne in 2013.

Watch her story.

Mateship and Bayanihan


Australia Global Alumni share stories of kindness, bayanihan, and hope in time of Corona

Members of the Australia Global Alumni community have been rising above the crisis by making a difference in their fields in their own little ways. If you need an inspiring story to lift you up, read how the COVID-19 crisis affected our alumni’s life and work, and how they have been moved to make a change.