Embracing change with strategy and innovation

Australia Awards alumnus Leo Jamorin leads change in CSC Regional Office VI

Leo Jamorin believes that achieving success requires hard work, perseverance, and commitment. This personal belief led Leo to start an Australia Awards journey and allowed him to achieve even greater things when he came back to the Philippines.

Leo is currently Director II at the Civil Service Commission’s (CSC) Aklan Field Office, where he introduced innovations to the CSC Regional Office VI that have served as a benchmark for other field offices. The CSC promotes strategic human resource management in Philippine government agencies.

From Clerical to Strategic

Upon completing his Master of Human Resource Management at Griffith University, Leo implemented his re-entry action plan (REAP), which established a cloud-based monitoring and reporting system for tracking the accomplishments of his regional office.

Before he introduced this system, consolidating and monitoring office accomplishments at the regional office were done manually using spreadsheets that were emailed to a focal person. This took up a lot of time and analysing the data was impossible to do in real-time.

Leo’s REAP now provides the regional office with the necessary insights on its performance and enables officers to focus on more important work, such as introducing strategies to ensure that targets will be achieved efficiently and effectively. Ultimately, monitoring achievements has now become strategic instead of being merely clerical.

Life-Changing Education

According to Leo, his postgraduate education in Australia equipped him with the competencies with which to introduce change and innovation in the CSC.

“I was introduced to new ways of learning and was given the opportunity to engage with international students. Outside the university, I was able to explore and get to know Australian culture and its people,” he said.

These experiences made a lasting impact on Leo, both personally and professionally. His exposure to innovative and fresh perspectives on human resource management and the diverse culture and beliefs of Australia have opened his eyes to new ways of learning and discovery, which he brought home with him.

Putting Stakeholders Front and Center

While his education and experience in Australia equipped him to do his REAP, he also developed new perspectives while implementing his initiative in CSC. One of his learnings was to take a holistic approach when introducing new initiatives to stakeholders.

“Developing a new monitoring tool is just one aspect of a change initiative. For it to be successful, you need to identify a change champion, a change leader, and change agents. This involves capacitating key players to ensure support from all aspects from planning to implementation,” he said. Leo focused on healthy partnerships and collaborated with leaders in the organisation who believed in the vision of his REAP.

His REAP has also served as an example to other leaders in the CSC who want to improve the way they assess and process data to improve existing systems. Leo was invited by CSC Regional Offices in Region IV and Caraga to present the results of his REAP so they can replicate it in their regions.

His achievements were eventually recognised by the CSC PRAISE (Program on Awards and Incentives for Service Excellence). In 2016, the Civil Service Commission conferred the Gawad Kahusayan (Excellence Award) to Leo for his work and innovation. The award is given to an individual/group in the CSC for their extraordinary performance or service as well as for continuously demonstrating competency and capacity at work. This is an affirmation that Leo’s hard work is setting a benchmark within the CSC.

Leo is hopeful that his REAP will inspire others to embrace innovation and undertake similar initiatives that will benefit their organisation.

“Completing my REAP gave me a sense of fulfillment. It proved that my learnings and experience as a scholar in Australia could be a catalyst for change. It allowed me to introduce new ways of doing things, which also encouraged my fellow employees to think outside the box so we can do our work more efficiently and effectively,” said Leo.

In December 2020, the management of CSC Regional Office VI awarded the CSC Aklan Field Office as the Best Field Office in Partnership and Collaboration, besting six CSC field offices in Western Visayas.