REAP Stories

A Global Perspective on Local Products: Australia Awards alumna Monica Co weaves new stories for Philippine handmade products

Before Monica Camille Co, co-founder of social enterprise C&C Home and Gifts, went on her Australia Awards journey to study Marketing at the University of Melbourne, the millennial was at a loss with which career path to take. “My college degree was Management Economics, and I was working as a personal banker.”


Enhancing Governance through a Values Program

Mark Malitan talks about the importance of values in good governance. “I believe that values can really solve the problems that we have in society,” said Mark. “We need to know our foundational values: patriotism, integrity, excellence, and spirituality. This is now the thrust of the Civil Service—promoting the public service values of a civil servant.”


Defending the Rights of Muslim Filipino Women: Shari’ah bar passer Amanah Lao is ready to fight for Muslim Filipinas’ rights in court.

In today’s world, how does one apply the concept of human rights to something religious, such as Shari’ah law? This is a challenge that Amanah Busran Lao will be facing in her work.