Gender and Disaster Risk Reduction Short Course

Australia Awards and Alumni Engagement Program - Philippines (AAAEP-P) is inviting interested Australia Global Alumni, HR and GAD focal persons of our partner organisations who would like to join the 4-week specialisation course on Gender and Disaster Risk Reduction organised by the Center for Women and Gender Studies of the University of the Philippines and Earthquakes and Megacities Initiative.

This is your chance to improve your knowledge of relevant policies, regulations, and tools in implementing gender-sensitive disaster management practices particularly gendered impact of the COVID-19 pandemic..

Applications are open until 15 April 2020.


Basic Qualifications:

1 Plum Icon.pngAustralia Global Alumni (per Global alumni definition, including Short Short Course participants)

2 Plum Icon.png
With direct functions in the organisation as HR/OD practitioners, disaster risk management professionals, development practitioners, government officials, policymakers, consultants, researchers and specialists of training and academic institutions, NGO representatives, healthcare workers specializing in public health emergencies, and humanitarian and community leaders, and are interested in acquiring fundamental knowledge on gender and their linkages to sustainable development challenges. 

3 Plum Icon.pngHave significant professional and practical leadership experience and capacity

4 Plum Icon.pngOccupy positions in their organisation (company, professional organisation or civic/NGO) with a significant level of influence (at least Managerial capacity or position of influence)

5 Plum Icon.pngFor Australia Awards Scholarships alumni, with REAP status ongoing (at least 50%) or completed (100%)