Educating children about COVID-19

Boom Enriquez, Development Communications Consultant | Awardee, Australia Awards Scholarships

2020 Enriquez Boom Photo (2).jpg.pngEducating children about COVID-19

Boom Enriquez
Australia Awards Scholarship 2013
Master of Science in Public Policy and Management
Carnegie Mellon University
Development Communications Consultant

Boom Enriquez developed a children’s e-storybook on COVID-19 entitled In the Town of Kamayanan. The story is about a community who was attacked by the filthy monster CoVully and the community fought back through the power of the dancing hands (handwashing). The story can be accessed via Instagram

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A friend approached me with an idea for a children's story and I immediately joined the project since I've written a few children's stories before. This was for a call of the United Nations to Creatives to help stop the spread of COVID-19. Our hope was to help parents educate their kids about the Covid situation in an unintimidating way that's full of hope. We felt that through this medium, we would be able to reach more children globally.
I've always believed that the Filipino is not only resilient, but innately generous. Social media has given a platform for these acts of selflessness to be read and amplified during this time of community quarantine, and these are the stories that our fellow Filipinos can hold on to for consolation as we try to cope with the new normal. Moreover, the deaths of our doctors and nurses on the job are the ones that have moved me. Their sacrifice should not be forgotten.

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