Choosing People over Profit

Anya Lim, Co- Founder/ Managing and Creative Director, Anthill Fabric Gallery Inc.

2020-Lim-Anya-Photo.jpgChoosing People over Profit

Anya Lim
Master of Communications for Social Change, University of Queensland
Co- Founder/ Managing and Creative Director, Anthill Fabric Gallery Inc.

Anya Lim, through her ANTHILL Fabric Gallery, launched a reusable facemask production project using scrap materials or textile waste such as old cotton shirts, pillow cases, dish towel and other cotton blend materials. The initiative supported the livelihood of ANTHILL’s production and support team during the crisis, ensuring that they keep their jobs to support their families. Supporters of ANTHILL purchased the facemasks for donation, some of which were donated to the Cebu crisis assistance team for use of barangay frontliners.

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The crisis has been a test of resilience and grit in our worklife more than anything else. As a social enterprise, we are committed to putting people over profit. We need to work on strategies for business continuity and ensure that everyone gets to keep their jobs and sustain their livelihood. It's a huge economic threat to our business so we needed to pivot fast and be agile on executing strategies so we're able to still have a steady flow of income stream. We pivoted to mask production and bundling of essential goods to our existing inventories. We have also decentralised our supply chain so our team can work from home. 

There's a lot of inspiring stories. Perhaps the one closest to my heart is seeing the volunteers of our partner community enterprise Sesostunawa come together to raise funds for food packages for our partner Tboli artisans.

I hope that everyone took the pause to reflect on the way we consume things and we come out of this quarantine more mindful and intentional on our consumption and the way we live our lives.

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