Responding to the mental wellbeing of Filipinos

Dr. Nicamil Sanchez, CEO, Philippine Consortium Inc. | Awardee, Australia Awards Scholarships

2020 Sanchez Nicamil Photo.jpgResponding to the mental wellbeing of Filipinos
Dr Nicamil Sanchez
Australia Awards Scholarships 2015
PhD Social Work, Australian Catholic University
CEO, Philippine Consoritum Inc.

Dr. Nicamil Sanchez mobilised registered social workers (RSW) to serve as volunteer psycho-social first aiders for a free confidential telephone and online psycho-social support / psycho-social first aid to support the mental health of Filipinos. More than 400 volunteers of the United Registered Social Workers have volunteered their time and expertise for the nationwide telephone/digital social work counselling.

“Covid-19 pandemic has significantly affected the health, economic and psychological wellbeing of the entire humanity. One of the solemn oaths of Registered Social Worker (RSW) is to protect the most vulnerable and ensure that no one will be left behind. In these trying times, everyone is a victim, and will need psychological first-aid and psycho social support.

We can only move forward after the pandemic if we will care for the mental health of every Filipino in these humanitarian crisis. We will recover the economic losses, and will be able to regain our physical health, but we need to support the mental health of every Filipino since it may have long-term impact. More so, we need to promote social cohesion and inclusion given the Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ). Lastly, registered social workers are the link of the most vulnerable to appropriate government agency and organizations.

Given the social distancing and ECQ, more than 400 volunteers of the United-Registered Social Workers are my inspiration to promote mental health and social cohesion. More so, the RSW heroes are the social workers in the frontline working in the medical setting and LGU’s social worker who served as link of the most vulnerable to appropriate intervention. Their stories working with the people have moved me to do more and join them in the front line thru supporting them as well as to rally my fellow social workers to volunteer their time, knowledge, skills and expertise in our nationwide telephone/digital social work counseling and PFA.”