Spreading hope through art

Joaquin Lerma, Darlinghurst Public School

Spreading hope through art

Joaquin Lerma
Darlinghurst Public School

Sixteen-year old Joaquin Lerma, who spent his early schooling in Sydney, used his free time during the lockdown by leading an art-for-a-cause initiative that supported the needs of Filipinos who need help most during the COVID-19 crisis:


  • An exhibition sale of paintings by Filipino artist Aldron Anchinges to support the Philippine General Hospital Pediatric Hematology-Oncology Clinic whose patients were displaced to give way to expanded COVID-19 facilities. https://bidforthefuture.org/aldronxpgh/
  • An exhibition sale of Kenneth Montegrande's works to build Emergency Quarantine Facilities to alleviate the load of hospitals across the country. https://bidforthefuture.org/kennethxeqf/

He also set up a donation portal resembling a computer game to raise funds for the same initiative: https://bidforthefuture.org/beatcovid/

  • An exhibition sale of mosaic art pieces made from recycled materials by the NVC Foundation 'Artisans of Hope' to feed hungry families in Negros province, who have no source of livelihood due to the COVID-19 lockdown. https://bidforthefuture.org/nvc/


Joaquin is son of Australia Global Alumni and Salcedo Auctions Director Richie Lerma, one of the country’s top curators. An innovator like his father, Joaquin, at his young age, launched Bid for the Future, which is “an initiative that harnesses the power of art to help solve global challenges, such as the sustainability of our cities and health among others.”

Photo from: https://bidforthefuture.org/nvc/

Photo from: https://bidforthefuture.org/nvc/

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Once this lockdown is over, I look forward to continuing to develop Bid for the Future in becoming an impactful and sustainable contributor to addressing the challenges of our society. With social distancing likely to become the norm for the foreseeable future, I hope to see the Philippines embrace digital platforms and applications. I'm also looking forward to going back to school and seeing my friends.

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