Australia Global Alumni holds Alumni Network Summit

Australia-educated Filipinos recently gathered for a day of knowledge sharing and networking. The Alumni Network Summit focused on the theme “rekindle, re-tool, and reach out”, to provide alumni with new ideas and perspectives and additional motivation to use their Australian education, training, and network to reach higher goals. Alumni volunteers led by Dr. Nikki Gavino, the summit’s conference chair, organised the program and served as session chairs, documenters, and event staff.

Australia Global Alumni holds Alumni Network Summit.png

Expert Filipino alumni were speakers in learning sessions that covered topics including education, mental health, human resource management, culture, and enabling environments.

Australian Ambassador to the Philippines Amanda Gorely lauded the Filipino alumni for initiating the event. “Alumni engagement is a crucial part of the Philippines-Australia relationship. It creates important networks that allow the two countries to grow together, she said.

An Australian education experience does not end when you graduate. We ensure that our Filipino alumni will be able to apply what they have learned to attain their national development goals, ” she added.

NEDA Assistant Director for Infrastructure Staff and Australian alumna Kathleen Mangune said “It is inspiring to see that all the speakers have received training and education in Australia, and they are now being so generous with their time and expertise in presenting to the rest of the Australia Global Alumni in the Philippines.

Mangune encouraged her fellow alumni to use their Australian education, training, and experience to contribute to nation-building.  “Our role is to be the best showcase of Australian education possible, taking advantage of our Australian experience to elevate the standards in our workplaces, and using this to influence policy and introduce reforms with the view to ultimately providing better services for our people,” she said.

Alumni also had the chance to reflect on their life before, during and after Australia through sharing and networking sessions. One of the highlights of the event was the open space technology. Alumni attendees and event staff exchanged ideas and commitments to make the alumni engagement even more meaningful in the future.

The Alumni Network Summit was the second of the Australia Global Alumni Knowledge Sharing Series for 2018. The first knowledge-sharing event was held in Davao City during the Philippines-Australia Friendship Day celebration in May 2018. The next event will be held August 2018 in Bohol.