BDA gears up for transition, implementation of the Bangsamoro Development Plan

The Bangsamoro Development Agency (BDA) is preparing for its role as the hub for development and as the donor coordinator during the transition process for conflict-affected areas of Mindanao. As part of the BDA’s capacity development initiatives, twenty (20) officers, including project managers and members of the board, attended a five-day intensive training workshop on Project Development and Management (PDM) on 22-26 June 2015 at the Marco Polo Hotel in Davao City. The Australian Government, through the Philippines-Australia Human Resource and Organisational Development Facility (PAHRODF), is supporting BDA’s capacity development process in line with its commitment to support the peace and development agenda in Mindanao.

BDA gears up for transition, implementation of the Bangsamoro Development Plan.png

The program on PDM focused on enabling the project managers to fulfil their role effectively and was conducted by facilitators from Australia’s Queensland University of Technology (QUT) in collaboration with the University of Mindanao.

Mr. Warren Hoye, First Secretary of the Australian Embassy said that “the Australian Government is glad to partner with BDA during the transition period and beyond.  The project development and management training is a response to a priority need identified in the human resource development plan of BDA and is hoped to enhance projects in the communities they serve towards lasting peace in Mindanao.”

As a result of the training program on PDM, BDA produced a Guidebook for Project Development and Management.  The guidebook contains tips, tools and templates that will help the BDA development workers and staff improve their project development and management practices. During the program’s closing ceremony, Dr Saffrullah Dipatuan, Chairperson of the BDA’s Board of Directors, acknowledged the role of its development partners, including the Australian government, in its efforts to strengthen the enabling environment for peace and development in Mindanao.

Australia has been a long-term supporter of peace in Mindanao. Australia’s aid programs in Mindanao include contributions to the Mindanao Trust Fund, support to the peace process, and programs to improve the delivery of education in the region.

BDA has been playing a role in implementing donor-funded development projects. The organization has been working with a number of international donors including the World Bank, the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and the Australian government.

BDA is the development arm of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) with the primary mandate of determining, leading and managing relief, rehabilitation and development projects in the conflict-affected areas of Mindanao (CAAM). In addition to this mandate, the MILF-Central Committee (MILF-CC) issued a resolution in 2014, stating that the BDA shall also be the development manager and coordinator of the Bangsamoro Development Plan. The BDP is the blueprint that maps out the short and medium-term vision and strategy for the recovery and development of the Bangsamoro including the delivery and upgrade of basic services in communities during and beyond the transition period (from ARMM to Bangsamoro government). The plan was developed by the BDA together with the support and assistance of development partners.