How to apply?

Applications for Australia Awards Scholarships are open from 1 February - 30 April every year.

Overview of the application process

  • Online Application
    February to April

  • Shortlisting of Candidates
    May to June

  • Panel Interview

  • Selection of Candidates

  • Pre-Mobilisation Activities
    August to November
    (Course counselling, Pre-Departure Briefing, University Placement, Processing of Visa)

The timeline will be updated soon based on the new application deadline. Please check this page regularly for updates.

Online application

  1. Find out if you're eligible.
    Get assessed by answering these eligibility questions. After you passed the eligibility questions you will be given the application link so you can start filling out the application
  2. Create an account in our online platform by filling out the application form.  A notification containing the link will be sent to your email address.  Verify that your email is working and you can access the edit link.
  3. Upload documents.
    Once logged in, you can find on your dashboard an application link where you can fill in your details* and upload required documents.
    *Australia Awards Scholarships adheres to the Philippine Government's Data Privacy Act of 2012 and its implementing rules and regulations, and complies with the Australian Government's Privacy Act 1988.
  4. Keep the deadline in mind.
    Deadline of applications is every 30 April at 11:59pm.

  • This application form is a confidential document between the applicant and the Australia Awards - Philippines.  DO NOT share this secured edit link that was sent to your email with any individual or organisation.
  • This application form must be accomplished in English.
  • Be sure to use only major internet browsers (Mozilla, Chrome, Edge, Safari)
  • This application form may be filled out in stages.  You may save your entries and return at a later time to complete your application. Save as you go. In each section there is a "save" button.  Use that in each section. Be sure to save every 5 minutes to ensure that your latest input are transmitted to our server.
  • We only accept documents in PDF format. Please ensure that all documents that are required to be submitted are in PDF format.
  • There are sections in the application where you can see word count at the bottom of the field.  These are maximum word count.  Your entries will not be accepted unless they are within the word count limit.
  • If you have already applied in the last 3 years, the system will not allow you to create another profile.  You may use the old link you used to edit your application below.  It was sent to your email.  Or if you no longer have a copy, contact our helpdesk to retrieve your previous profile by filling out this form:
  • If you have very urgent concern regarding errors on the form, you may send an email to or send a text message to 09209502102

Download this infographics to find out more about the Australia Awards application process

Download this infographics to find out more about the Australia Awards application process

If you’re interested to start a journey with us, watch this video for more guidance on applying for an Australia Awards Scholarship.

Panel Interview

If your application is shortlisted, the Australia Awards Secretariat will schedule you for a panel interview. Watch this video for guidance on how to prepare for this important step in the application process.