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Australia Awards are prestigious international scholarships funded by the Australian Government, offering the next generation of Filipino leaders an opportunity to undertake study, research, and professional development.

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Australia Awards Scholarships gives current and future Filipino leaders fully-funded postgraduate education (master's and PhD) at any of Australia's world-class universities. This will equip Filipino leaders with the knowledge and skills to contribute to Philippine development through their re-entry action plans or REAP.

Applications are strongly encouraged from all eligible citizens of the Philippines. The application process is open and competitive, providing equal opportunity to all eligible people regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, or disability.

Here's why you should choose Australia Awards


Benefits - Experience one of the most generous foreign scholarship programs, covering full tuition fees, living expenses, health insurance, and return flights.

World-class education

World-class education - Study at postgraduate level and experience student life at any of Australia’s world-class universities.


Multicultural - Discover the diversity of living the Australian culture while equipping yourself to become a leader and decision-maker in the Philippines.


Network - Meet experts and professionals from around the world, build strong Australian connections and ties, and be a part of the influential and dynamic Australia Global Alumni network upon your return to the Philippines.

Competitive edge

Competitive edge - Stand out with globally-competitive Australian education credentials.


Accessibility - Experience equal opportunities and support regardless of age, gender, ethnicity or disability.

Opportunity to give back

Opportunity to give back - Make a difference in your community, organisation, or industry through your re- entry action plan or REAP.