Scholarship Cycle

Here’s a quick overview of the Australia Awards scholarship cycle to help you understand what you will go through should you decide to start a journey with us. 

Application.png  Application 

The Australia Awards scholarship cycle starts from the application, which is February - April each year. During this time, applicants check their eligibility and submit online application, which includes a re-entry action plan (REAP) proposal. A REAP outlines how scholars intends to apply his or her learnings in Australia to contribute to Philippine development.  

If your application is shortlisted, you will be notified for an interview. And if you pass the interview, you will be given a provisional priority status. This means you are now a candidate for the scholarship. 

Pre-Moblisation.png  Pre-Moblisation 

After successfully completing the interview, there are three things that you need to take note of:

First, submit the result of your English proficiency exam to the Australia Awards secretariat to facilitate your application to your chosen university. 

Next, you need to receive an acceptance from an Australian university. The secretariat will assist you in coordinating with your chosen university regarding your application and acceptance. Once you are accepted in the university, the secretariat will assist you in applying for a student visa. 

During pre-mobilisation, you will be required to attend two events: Course Counselling, which will help you finalise your program and university, and Pre-Departure Briefing, which prepares you for your life as a scholar in Australia.


Mobilisation.png  Mobilisation 

When you have a university and a student visa, you will be officially mobilised to go to Australia and start your Australia Awards journey. 


Education.png  On-Award

Upon arriving, Australia Awards scholars undergo an Introductory Academic Program or IAP, which provides scholars with support during their first weeks in Australia and prepare them for their new life as scholars. 

The duration of the scholars’ masters program is from one year to eighteen months, while PhD program is up to four years. During this time, we encourage you to participate in on-award enrichment activities, join Filipino clubs, and experience life in Australia outside the university to get the most of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. 

Return Philippines.png  Return / REAP

After finishing your degree, you are now equipped to implement your re-entry action plan (REAP) in the Philippines. The secretariat will assist you on your re-integration and REAP implementation through a REAP Conference and Workshop. 

You will be required to provide updates on your REAP implementation through REAP progress and REAP dialogue events.

Upon your return, you will also be a part of the vibrant Australia Global Alumni community in the Philippines.