Empowering teachers of early years learners

As a teacher herself, Fritchie Bayron believes that change in education starts with teachers.

Thanks to my studies in Australia, I was able to make sound decisions for our school especially now as a new principal.

What is your re-entry action plan (REAP)?

REAP Fritchie Bayron

"My REAP is about developing a school-based curriculum design on numeracy and literacy for teaching nursery students (aged 3-4 years old). It included the learning goals in Numeracy and Literacy (Reading, Language, Writing) for the two pre-kindergarten levels and suggested play-based teaching activities.

This REAP was envisioned with a "normal" education process in mind. Sadly, because of the pandemic, some parts were deemed unsuitable for the current modality that our school is using today. However, it was still helpful for our nursery teacher as she navigated the previous school year and now. I also used the REAP for our training on "Teaching Beginning Reading" as part 1 of the teachers' capacity-building this year."

Why did you choose to make a difference in the area of education?

"I have always wanted to be a teacher as a child. Now, I am currently working in the school that my father founded. I saw the limitations brought to our school just by being situated in a rural town in Bohol. I may not be able to change our location, but I believe I can do something to improve the quality of education we are offering starting with my REAP.

This pandemic hit us hard. The sudden changes in the teaching and learning process were difficult not just for the students, but also for us, teachers. We were not trained to teach during a pandemic. In our decision-making, the health and safety of our students were always the priority. Thanks to my studies in Australia, I was able to make sound decisions for our school especially now as a new principal.

Making a difference in education, particularly in the lives of children, is a slow and long process. Oftentimes, teachers are underappreciated. But for me it doesn't matter. There is a certain delight and contentment that I experience when working with children that cannot be found anywhere else. The greatest reward is at the end of the journey, when I see my students grow as responsible and honest individuals."

Fritchie S. Bayron, MEdECEd, is currently the principal of Moriah Christian School for Young Learners in Anda, Bohol. She completed her Master of Education from Monash University in 2017.