Collection of Tender Supporting Documents

The list below contains supporting documents mentioned in the RFT. You may download whatever is applicable to your tender.
Action Title Type ModificationDate
Preview | Download Part C Goods and Services Agreement template.pdf File 2021-02-16T12:30:33+08:00
Preview | Download AAAEP-P Technical Proposal Template for Short Courses 20 December 2018.docx File 2021-01-29T13:01:07+08:00
Preview | Download Detailed Training Plan Template.docx File 2021-01-29T13:01:08+08:00
Preview | Download Standards for Delivering Assistance - 1 October 2018.pdf File 2021-01-29T13:01:25+08:00
Preview | Download Financial Proposal Template File 2021-02-16T12:29:09+08:00