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Australia's global alumni are highly talented, globally mobile and empowered by a world-class Australian education. They are current and future leaders, they are influencers and change-makers. Individually and collectively, Australia Global Alumni are helping to shape the world around them.

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Help Us Save One of the Rarest Eagles in the World

Australia Global Alumni, in a bid to raise awareness in the current situation of our national bird, collaborates with Philippine Eagle Foundation and SM Supermalls for an exclusive screening of Bird of Prey, a documentary that follows a Philippine Eagle family in the wild and how they raise their young.

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Australia Global Alumni promotes change and inspiration

Over 150 Australia-educated Filipinos gathered for the second run of the Australian Alumni Network Summit. "Change and inspiration embody the very core and essence of the Australia Global Alumni in the Philippines" said Australia Awards alumnus Mike Malicsi, chair of the 2019 summit.

Australian Alumni in the Philippines

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Australia's global alumni community in the Philippines include all Filipinos who completed and/or graduated from recognised Australian educational institutions or Registered Training Organisations (RTOs), including participants in trainings and short-term courses.This includes those that have been awarded scholarships under the Australia Awards, Colombo Plan, Endeavour Awards, Australian Leadership Awards or other Australian Government scholarships. It also includes individuals who have supported their own study in Australia or those who were sponsored by institutions or organisations other than the Australian Government.