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Make the most of your Australia Awards journey

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These Filipino scholars left a mark and made us proud while in their universities.

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Filipina scholar receives prestigious MAK Halliday Medal from the University of Sydney

Australia Awards alumna Monaliza Mamac was recently awarded the Michael Alexander Kirkwood (MAK) Halliday Medal, the most prestigious academic award given by the University of Sydney’s Department of Linguistics to its most competitive students. She is the first Filipino to receive the award. As an Australia Awards scholar, Monaliza stood out not only for her academic ability, but also for putting theory into practice. During her stay in the university, she contributed to various meaningful projects that demonstrate how a study of language has real-world applications. Michael Alexander Kirkwood (MAK) Halliday is one of the most renowned linguist in the world who founded the Department of Linguistics at the University of Sydney, and created the whole field of Systemic Functional Linguistics. Monaliza Mamac completed Master of Crosscultural and Applied Linguistics at the University of Sydney through Australia Awards Scholarships.

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Outstanding alumnus awarded a University Medal by the Australian National University

Kayla Marie Sarte, an Australia Awards alumnus who took up Master of General and Applied Linguistics from the Australian National University has been awarded by the university with the University Medal for 2019. The University Medal recognises students who have obtained First Class Honours (or Masters Advanced Equivalent) and demonstrated exceptional academic excellence across their studies.