Australia Alumni Excellence Awards now open for nominations

Manila, Philippines – Nominations for the 2023 Australia Alumni Excellence Awards are now open and are accepted at until 15 August 2023.

Australia Alumni Excellence Awards recognise and celebrate Australia-educated Filipinos who have made significant achievements in their respective professions, industries, or communities.

Thousands of Filipinos have studied in Australia since the 1950s and are now members of the dynamic Australia Global Alumni community in the Philippines, among whom are senior Philippine government officials, scientists and members of the academe, and business and industry leaders.

“A common thread among our Filipino alumni is that they are leaders, influencers, and changemakers and we are proud to see how they are making a difference here in the Philippines,” said Australian Chargé d'affaires Dr. Moya Collett.

Nominations are accepted for three award categories:

A gala will be held later in the year for nominees and winners.

Filipino residents who have graduated from a recognised Australian educational institution or accredited training organisation, as well as participants in trainings and short-term courses, may be nominated.