Australia Awards Scholar Receives Dean’s Award from UNSW Business School

Filipino scholar Ramon Carlo Pio Roda recently completed his Master of Commerce in Enterprise System from the University of New South Wales (UNSW) Business School at the top of his class.
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He received the UNSW Business School Dean’s Award for his top performance in his master of coursework program. We asked Ramon Carlo to share more about his Australia Awards journey, which he described as “transformative.”

A good word to describe all of these would be ‘transformative’. That is my Australia Awards journey.
How will you describe your Australia Awards journey?
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I used to think that the main value of my master’s degree would be just the topnotch knowledge I would be getting from Australia’s reputable universities. But now, I see that it comprises only a quarter of what I have experienced, if not less. I now believe that just as important are the following, too:

What are some of your unforgettable memories as an Australia Awards Filipino scholar?

An unforgettable experience that would encapsulate all these would be the Introductory Academic Program (IAP) that is exclusively provided by the Australia Awards Scholarship. More than just the academic lessons taught in the program, the month-long experience provided us the opportunity to connect and interact with awardees from other countries and helped us adjust to living and studying in Australia. The IAP would always be an unforgettable and major highlight of my Australia Awards experience.

What has inspired you to do excellent work in your program?

I just did what I can to make sure that I am not wasting the opportunity that Australia Awards has given me.

Now that you’re back, how are you making a difference in your field / community?

As a teacher, I try to impart to my students not only the knowledge I learned, but also the good practices I experienced while I was still a student myself in Australia. I try to pay it forward by doing my best to give them the same quality of studying experience that I had there.

As an academic, I am deepening my research towards helping the country improve its local fintech sector, through various faculty grants, publications, and case studies. In addition, my REAP focuses on making a fintech course in my university, which might be the first of its kind once implemented. I hope students can use such course as a jump-off point for a productive future career in fintech.

As a business and finance professional, I share my knowledge by giving pro-bono webinars and presentations about financial and investment literacy. I am not associated with any private entity, so I just really conduct these activities in service to the people.